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    Echos honeycomb panel used in light-weighting design of truck


    Car body is about 30% of the total weight of the car, when in no load case, about 70% of the fuel consumption used in the body weight.When reduce 

    per 100 kilograms of its weight,which can save 0.6-1.0 liters oil. If the total weight of the car reduce 10%,the fuel efficiency will increase 8% -10%.

    Therefore, in the case of Chinese-style weighting fees and the strict punishment of overloading, a lightweight truck with fuel economy, vehicle 

    control stability, collision safety is very important.

    Some manufacturers had introduced some new products, composite materials plays an significant role in the industry. 

    To optimize the product structure based on the application of new materials,self-weight has become the main factor in the election of truck. 

    Even if the price is slightly higher,lightweight trucks will also be the first choice for customers. Because the light-weight truck not only running 

    much faster but also saving oil,so more popular.

    ECHOS honeycomb panel is a kind of good new composite materials, as the material used in the process of lightweight materials instead 

    of the more traditional materias like FRP, plywood,wood,steel and aluminum materials.It has apllication in the various types as van,new energy 

    vehicles, containers, logistics vehicles and so on, can reduce the weight of vehicles, while not reducing the specific performance, in the current 

    development trend, such light and strong quality pp thermoplastic composite materials used in the truck compartment plate,which really played 

    a good application effect.

    ECHOS focus on R & D and production of lightweight high-strength green materials.

    ECHOS honeycomb panel is one of the lightest materials.