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    Analysis on the Development Trend of Light weight Truck


    With the accelerated development of economic development and urbanization in China, the gradual establishment of low-carbon life 

    method, energy saving and emission reduction, the gradual establishment and implementation of green environmental policies and 

    regulations,the pace of resource-saving and environment-friendly social construction, Energy conservation has become a key research 

    topic in the development of the automobile industry. The concrete performance is in the direction of "high efficiency, high technology 

    and high environmental protection".

    Lightweight truck is the reflect of overall level of society and the efficiency transport.Reducing the weight of the car itself is 

    one of the effective measures to improve the fuel economy of the automobile and reduce the CO2 emission of the automobile. 

    Especially because of the applications of hybrid, electric and fuel cells and other new energy automotive technology are difficult 

    and uncertain prospects in the truck industry,so the lightweight design of the current heavy truck industry, energy-saving emission 

    reduction become the most realistic and most effective technical measures.